The most successful leasing and management group for luxury retailing

DI Leasing is an internationally renowned consulting company operating in the real estate section, with strong specialisation in leasing, property and shopping centre management. DI Leasing’s innovative and integrated approach has produced some of the best performing and largest destination malls in the world, most recently the famous Morocco Mall in Casablanca, which opened in December 2011. DI Leasing, which operates in over 45 countries worldwide, is part of the Design International Group that has been active since 1965. As such, it benefits from a creative crossover between the different services provided by the DI Group, which range from architecture and branding to development services.

The firm has access to a staff of over 250 people worldwide including architects, leasing managers, property and shopping centre managers, marketing managers, lawyers, accountants, technical and administrative professionals and engineers. DI Leasing is respected in the industry for its boutique-style approach, which sees the direct involvement of the top management and the firm’s partners on all major projects, ensuring the best and most consistent quality standards are provided each time. Extensive knowledge of local markets and a worldwide network of qualified professionals allows the firm to assemble a tailor-made group of specialised professionals based upon the specific project needs. By carefully matching location, customer lifestyle and partners’ financial goals, DI Leasing successfully develops lifestyle centres, mixed-use projects and neighbourhood retail shopping centres, making sure that all key factors for the success of the project are in place, from concept to management.

DI Leasing and its partner companies hold strong estate and liquid assets, guaranteeing safety and stability for all the firm’s clients, which is testified through the hundreds of properties worldwide that are successfully analysed, leased and managed by the group.