DI Leasing offers property management services for a variety of property types with a particular strong track record in shopping centre management, which is a fully integrated service combining both retail and property management services.


DI Leasing follows the life cycle of the shopping centre, ensuring a healthy trend of estate assets and planning any expansion and refurbishment projects suitable to guarantee the right objectives over time. DI Leasing’s shopping management service is divided into 3 major areas:

1. Retail Management
2. Financial / HR / Administration Services
3. Property Management Services

Retail Management:

This includes both pre-opening services and post-opening management, which comprises of marketing, customer service, ongoing leasing coordination & follow-ups, building maintenance and ensuring a consistent trade/tenant mix.

Financial / HR / Administration Services:

This covers the establishment of financial managerial mechanisms and detailed procedures, the set-up and coordination of human resources, IT services as well as the set-up and coordination of general administrative regulations.

Property Management Services:

This will be in line with the typical stages of building development and it entails the following:
– Set of property management office
– Transition & start-up
– Ongoing management