TivoliParc is a mixed-use development, currently under construction in Marseille, France. The project will include retail & entertainment components, residential units and offices as well as a publicly accessible external landscape.

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TivoliParc is developed in conjunction with the refurbishment of Marseille Grand Littoral (MGL), an existing 120,000 sqm shopping centre. This joint project is currently Marseille’s biggest private regeneration projects in an area of the city, which was in dire need of improved commercial, recreational and business facilities. The project will also help to integrate the area better into the commercial and social activities of Marseille.

Working with the city council of Marseille, TivoliParc & MGL will become the new heart of this urban zone with improved housing as part of Plan d’Aou, which will completely transform this old industrial area. The TivoliParc & MGL complex will provide what had been promised to the population of Marseille a long time ago: a project of true European scale, a place for all their shopping and entertainment needs – all in one place – without having to leave the city. DI Leasing was hired in 2013 to provide retail leasing and marketing services for TivoliParc with the aim to create a retail concept and mix that complements the already existing commercial offers at Marseille Grand Littoral, rather than competing with it. DI Leasing’s knowledge in architecture, urban planning and its links with Design International, architect of TivoliParc, played a major role in the appointment of the firm, as the client wanted to ensure that the retail concept is not devised based on commercial interests only, but also takes into account the role of MGL/TivoliParc as
a major component of Marseille’s urban regeneration efforts.