Centerfalls is destined to become the first Luxury Designer Resort in Lebanon. The project sits on top of the hill of the Matn area, overlooking the city of Beirut and the sea.


Building on this unique location, the architecture of Centerfalls contextualises the hills and the surrounding area and gives the project one of the most spectacular views in the whole of Lebanon. The project is created as a set of ascending terraces with outdoor entertainment and dining facilities and a rooftop area with an infinity pool while on the inside, one of the largest waterfalls ever designed in a mall reaches down over four levels of the development.

Centerfalls caters for the local population as well as many tourists coming to the area, making the project into a leisure and cultural destination, rather than a simple shopping mall. The project features over 150 shops, more than 5 anchor stores, a neighbourhood community centre with hypermarket, kindergarten, family entertainment centre and a spa boutique hotel.

DI Leasing was hired for its expertise in luxury retailing and its strong experience in the Middle East, with the retail concept of Centerfalls being a testimony to the firm’s reputation as a laboratory of innovation. The retail mix harmoniously combines the needs of the local community with an upmarket and trendy shopping outlet destination, which includes the first off price luxury department store in Lebanon.

The outlet stores will be surrounded by temporary & pop up stores, which are rented out seasonally, thereby providing a platform for young, underground and experimental new retail ideas.