DI Leasing offers comprehensive leasing services, which ensure highest profitability to the landlords through the selection of reliable and qualified tenants, the negotiation and the signing of contracts, technical activity management and the overseeing of administrative procedures for the opening of shops. The leasing activities can be divided into two main phases.

Phase 1: Planning Phase

The first step in this phase is to prepare a general tenant mix, which shows the general distribution of the retailers with location in the project that is based on the potential tenants activities and price levels of their merchandise, with the aim to create the most efficient and attractive distribution of tenants. The general tenant and merchandise mix will include plans with locations of the anchors, department stores, restaurants, foodcourt, leisure & entertainment facilities and all other shop areas divided into categories
such as fashion, electronics or hardware, food, etc. The second step is to prepare a final shop mix that includes all shop partitions with square metres located on the plans.

The final step in this phase is to create a document containing all relevant data of the shop mix as well as the projected rental figures for each shop and therefore the return on investment for the landlord.

Phase 2: Execution Phase

In this phase DI Leasing will meet with prospective tenants, negotiate lease terms with final store location, finalise a letter of intent, assist the landlord in collection of rent deposits and arrange the signing of the finalised tenancy agreement. At the same time
DI Leasing will conduct site inspections and work with the appointed architect to review the tenant’s requirements.The leasing activity will start, before the construction starts, with the anchors (over 1,000 sqm), Hypermarkets, DIY stores, Department stores, Cinemas and other Leisure & Entertainment facilities. This will be followed by the leasing for MSU’s (300 – 1,000 sqm) and finish with the remaining shops and restaurant operators.